What makes a good teacher?

| April 23, 2011

What are the qualities of good teachers?

Good teachers know that all students can learn but they learn differently. Even though teachers present the same class materials, some students learn very quickly, but others have difficulty in following and mastering these materials. Good teachers do not believe that these different outcomes are caused by students’ inherent abilities. Instead of considering students who have learning difficulties failures or low achievers, they believe that students learn differently, and all students can achieve educational goals when teachers present the same contents with a variety of teaching strategies and methods.

Also, good teachers have broad and deep understanding of students. Students bring their previous experiences into classrooms; family environments, the relationship with friends, cultural backgrounds, and students’ own interests have influenced the attitudes and learning of students in classrooms. Therefore, good teachers try to understand students in their own contexts and figure out how these experiences have affected students in classes.

Do you have these qualities? How do you define yourself as a teacher?